About us

Our aim is to inform people about educational opportunities, build and develop their competencies, and support their active participation and initiative through many various projects in Slovakia and abroad. The main activity of EduEra is to interconnect formal, non-formal education and business sector. Our activities are mainly focused on cross-sectoral collaboration between schools, municipalities, and NGOs.

EduEra encourages the active participation of young people in the creation of new ideas and initiatives. Our members come from different parts of Slovakia and focus on different areas where they see the potential and opportunity for young people.

In 2018 EduEra was awarded by Slovak National Agency as “The best NGO of 2018” in the field of non-formal education supported by EÚ thank our ESC solidarity projects focusing on youth from rural areas in Slovakia. 

Also, our training course "TRAINBOW" funded by Erasmus+ was selected as “Good practice example of 2018” representing Slovakia and the work of EduEra in European Parlament during the European Youth Week in Brussel 2019.