Quality Measures in the European Solidarity Corps 

International training course, Erasmus+

26th August - 4th September 2020 | Kysak, Slovakia


Are you attracted to coaching?

We are happy to invite you to apply for participation in our upcoming training course QM - ESC.

Trainig course foresees the creation of the professional figure of a “coach” for youth work, and to be applied to local

and international youth work across Europe and beyond, by establishing a training course which is followed by online

coaching and home assignments. We are targeting coaches, mentors, youth workers, youth leaders, psychologists,

teachers, community leaders and job office employees, the main criteria being that the participant be actively involved

in the support and coaching of volunteers and participants in the European Solidarity Corps.

Infopack: bit.ly/QMinfopack
Application form: bit.ly/QMprihlasenie

Please read carefully all indications given in call, and if you feel you would like to join us submit your application.

⏰ Deadline: 14th August 2020

Funding is provided by the Slovak National Agency for ERASMUS+: Youth in Action, Key Action 1, Mobility of Youth Workers.